HP NNMi LDAP user account Can’t log in

I had a strange one today where a user set as a Directory service account couldn’t log in. No matter which computer or browser the user was coming from, he couldn’t log in and got the odd message below. The only thing that had happened is that he’d changed his password recently:


I’ve had issues in the past where the AD password has been changed to one that’s been used previously – NNMi must do some sort of caching – but this was different. I was assured that the password hadn’t been used before.


1) Delete the User account
2) Recreate the user account and mappings but create it as a local user (uncheck Directory service account and put in a temporary password)
3) Log on with the user name/password from a PC that the user hasn’t used before (ie: your PC)
4) Change account back to a Directory Service Account

The problem should be rectified. Clearing temporary internet files, cookies etc didn’t seem to help at all so again, I think there’s some caching going on within NNMi that breaks things.

Very annoying and I’ll be raising a bug report.