This wordpress site is intended to be a searchable collection of ‘gotchas’, anecdotes and other useful snippets that I discover in my day-to-day working life that I think may come in useful again some day, or may be of help to others.

I’ll mainly be covering networking, security, scripting and network management systems. While there are plenty of similar blogs, I found that I’d occasionally come across issues that didn’t seem to be anywhere online (or at least not “googlable”) where I really could have used a few pointers. :-)

I’m always learning new things so my scripting may not be professional standard, but it does get the job done!

I hope this blog helps others out at some point in the future – I know I’ve had a few headaches resolving the problems I plan to document on here!

Note: All comments on here are moderated. All spam immediately gets trashed.


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