NNMi 9.24 Custom Poller Bus Adapter Errors

I was getting the following alerts regarding the custom poller on NNMi which was annoying users with the constant on/off status alerts.

“The Performance SPI Custom Poller Bus Adapter has status Critical because the average input queue duration…..”
“The CustomPoller Export Bus Adapter has status Minor because file space limit (2,000 MB) has been reached and older export data files are being removed to make room for new files.”

After some digging, it seems that the older files weren’t being deleted so this issue had actually crept up over time.

Apparently this was fixed by patch 5 but a workaround until then is to delete older files manually as follows. I strongly suggest running the find command without the “| xargs rm” part first to verify that you are indeed only finding regular files within the correct directory.

# cd /var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/databases/custompoller/export/final
# find . -mtime +365 -type f | xargs rm

Check the usage is under the size limit:

du -hs .
649M    .

Saving/Mailing Large “show tech” Output

Assuming you’re using a unix/linux management server, this is a quick and easy way to get a large “show tech” output to a file and mail it off elsewhere, assuming . If it’s leaving your organisation then you should either use 7zip or winzip or similar on your windows workstation to encrypt as the standard unix zip utility does not provide strong encryption.

me@mgmt-server# script lonsw02-tech.txt
Script started, file is lonsw02-tech.txt
me@mgmt-server# ssh lonsw02
LONSW02> en
LONSW02# term len 0
LONSW02# show tech-support
< output omitted >
LONSW02# exit
me@mgmt-server# ^D  ( CTRL + D )
Script done, file is lonsw02-tech.txt
me@mgmt-server# unix2dos lonsw02-tech.txt
unix2dos: converting file test.txt to DOS format ...
me@mgmt-server# uuencode lonsw02-tech.txt lonsw02-tech.txt | mailx -s "Show tech" me@mycompany.com

If your management server isn’t configured as a mail client, that can be fixed on RHEL with:

# vi /etc/sysconfig/sendmail


# vi /etc/mail/submit.cf


Reload Sendmail

# service sendmail reload